Bonsai, boxwood, buxus, carving, deadwood

I took my time working through a carving project this summer. Did a lot of looking and thinking about it, and spent several different sessions working the deadwood with hand tools and power tools.

Before carving, 2020

This boxwood has a lot of potential as a highly directional tree. It was collected from a yard in the Fall of 2018 (see Is it Hard to Dig). It is still in a wooden box, and I have selected for the main trunk lines. There is a lot of growing and training ahead for the branches, but I wanted to get the deadwood carved sooner rather than later for a couple of reasons. First, as the branches grow out, there is more difficulty doing carving without branch interference and damage. And second, the sooner the carving is done, the sooner the deadwood can start to age naturally from that form.

Close up of boxwood to be carved.
Before carving.
After carving and burning.
Close up after work.

After torching the wood to burn off some of the tool marks, I took a wire brush over the surface. I will let the wood be for a bit and apply lime sulfur later.