Table Sale !

Seeing as everyone has been shut down for the foreseeable future there are no car boots or bonsai bargain basement, knock it out cheap events going on I figured we […]

Bitchin-n-Moanin Again

So, anybody that knows me, or our business will know we are always busy. Not busy in the sense most of Britain at work is busy. I don’t consider 2 […]

Firethorn Bonsai: Blazing Red Berries

This exquisite beauty must be one of the best overall berry bearing bonsai I’ve ever seen, with just the right combination of berries leaves and space. You might say it’s […]

Mixed Bonsai Forests & Other Wonders

This magnificent mixed forest is by Saburo Kato, who was one of the original old masters of Japanese bonsai. You can find it and other remarkable trees in his timeless […]