Colorado Bonsai – Bald Eagle – Is Help On The Way?

A Bald Eagle has been spotted in the immediate area of my house or at least just down the road or so. I am attempting to try to sign the Eagle to a contract to eliminate all of tree climbing Rodentia’s with the bushy tails who are bent on destroying my trees and accent plants. So far the Eagle will not speak to me! How rude of him. There is a very nice friendly hawk picking off the doves who keeping going potty on everything. I find piles of feathers all over the front yard and one morning the hawk left the body of a dove in the street for me to pick up. Perhaps I should just sign the hawk to a Rodentia contract instead? The Hawk probably is going to charge me more. I was thinking about putting up a tall pole with a hawk platform on it for it to make a nest on. I could purchase stewing meat from the local super market and set out some each day to keep the Hawk interested in living on the platform. Any reasonably intelligent Rodentia would probably stay out of my yard except my neighbor is feeding them. So the neighbor feeds the Rodentia and I feed the Hawk who hopefully will snack on the Rodentia’s from time to time. I may get lucky and it will find a mate and raise young Hawks which means more Rodentia’s leaving the neighborhood. I may erect the tall pole along the fence line so they can swoop down and grab a Rodentia as they try to feed off the neighbors tall porch. Might as well try to make it easy for the Hawk(s). It would absolutely great if I could get the Hawk to return the picked clean Rodentia back to neighbors porch. Kind of like a catch and release program.

Well I can dream can’t I?

Photo courtesy of Nextdoor.

Real Neighborhood Eagle, Hopefully looking for Work

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