Colorado Bonsai – Classic Viburnum Plant Library (Vendor)

Classic Viburnum Plant Library is a vendor that sells nothing but Viburnum bushes of all varieties. This is a great source to obtain really great starter trees. I have already posted this vendor on the Viburnum Bonsai page, but I thought I would post it again to go with my previous post Viburnums for American Gardens: Abbreviated Discussion“ on Nov. 26, 2020. Shown below are a couple of Virubrnum’s that started off life as a single trunk. I have wired the tree into a full cascade style and finally cut the entire apex of the trees during the spring of 2018/2020. Viburnums grow fast so I would not hesitate obtaining some of these viburnum starter plants and growing them out. I have never seen some of these Viburnums for sale anywhere.

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