Colorado Bonsai – Juniperous Procumbens “Nana” Bonsai Tree #2

I have made a new page for my Juniperous Procumbens “Nana” #2 bonsai tree. The tree is much nicer in person then my photos indicate. I am just going to have take photo lessons. This tree is a perfect example of a Nursery Stock tree that can be turned into a really good large Bonsai tree in less then a year. The tree is not totally finished but it is around 90% done unless I kill it. I did also make a new generic page for Juniperous Procumbens “Nana” Bonsai with lots of good information on it. I have moved my two trees off the main Juniper page to this new “Nana” page. I hope you enjoy this new Juniper and it just might inspire to you go looking for a really great one.

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