Colorado Bonsai – RMJ Wichita Blue – “Rocky Mountain Juniper”

International Bonsai Master Mauro Stemberger has a new video out titled “RMJ Wichita Blue“. In this video Mauro and friend style and repot this very large yamadori Rocky Mountain Juniper. I am assuming it is a yamadori but it could a large juniper from somebodies landscape. I am very concerned he took to much foliage of the juniper and also roots at the same time. Time will tell. One thing I did not like was how the tree looked in the pot right at the soil level. It looks like a skinny neck holding up a big head so to speak. Not very attractive in my opinion. I did add the video to the Juniper Bonsai page under Conifers Bonsai and Bonsai Tree Information pages.

[embedded content]

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