Creating a larch forest

This is a time lapse of the Japanese larch forest that Kim and I made together. It was made to look as realistic as possible which is easier with a rectangular pot and trees that naturally grow in a forest style. Surprisingly it only took 2 hours to put together not counting the creation of the pots and getting the plants.

This is what it looked after putting it all together, and for ordinary nursery stock, a couple rocks from a paddock, wood from the hardware store and a bit of moss I’m pretty happy with it. My opinion of a forest style bonsai has a bit of texture to the ground (hills, rocky areas, creek bed/valleys, etc).

This is a neat little section on the right side of the planting that adds a bit of visual interest. I guess it’s one of those valleys I mentioned earlier. For not much work it creates a feeling of a landscape.

In this picture it has the main tree and a couple slate rocks from the side of the road which serve as a miniature set of steps.

And now for the back. I wanted a bit of interest all the way round so I put another set of steps to lead the pathway (which I’ll put in later) down out of the viewers eye from the front.

And finally it’s what I imagined it’d look like.

From now on this forest will just be grown out and cut back to create a nice framework for at least 2 years until it needs to be repotted. It’s always two steps forward one step back with bonsai.

I can’t recommend more to try and make your very own forest it’s a very rewarding experience especially if you get plants that look good all year round.

The forest planting in this post isn’t for sale but if you’d want one made for you then I’ll try my best, just leave a comment as to what you’d be interested in and we’ll go from there.


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