Penjing presentation and demonstration by Shane Boyce


Topic: Penjing style

Presenter: Shayne Boyce

Shayne Boyce a very talented exponent of the Penjing style will demonstrate how Penjing is different to Japanese Styling.

Shane’s obsession started with great enthusiasm in 1982. He went on to study advanced Bonsai techniques with Dorothy Koreshoff and gained my Nippon Bonsai accreditation in 2001. Shane was very active in Western Australia, demonstrating at the club level and also at the AABC Conferences on many occasions. He has travelled extensively and studying with Penjing masters.

Shanes strong horticultural background allows him to approach the arts of Penjing and Bonsai with a horticultural perspective in mind. I combine both arts with my horticulture knowledge to create and grow unique trees.

In 2016 he won the Runner-Up award for one of his Penjing settings in the Chinese Garden of Friendship Penjing National Photo Competition, which was judged by a panel of Penjing Masters in China. His favourite style is literati.

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