Quick blog: Root Monster update

Here’s a three pic post.

You remember the Gnarly Root Monster from this post in December. December 4th, 2019, when the new year had all kinds of promise (they say hindsight is 2020 you know).

Then this year in May (24/05/2020) you saw the first update post.

Now we have for you today, a mere three months later, another update.

As I was sitting at school waiting for the kids:

I had time to unwire, choose branches and defoliate.

And just now, in The Nook, la fin.

It’s beginning to turn into a sweet little tree. I believe I have all the branches in place, now the strategy is to let it grow, thicken branches, develop ramification, and, most importantly, keep it green.

With as fast as its developing, I’m thinking you’ll see another update by this December.

And then, maybe next year will be a better year.

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