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I’ve joked for years that I’m trying to quit tropicals. I only have a handful – 7 or 8 trees. I don’t have any more window space to keep more in the winter, and I refuse to invest in grow lights when there are temperate species perfectly happy to spend the winter outside.

Then something like this happens!

A ficus leaf found while cleaning up my bench.

I was trying to clear away some accumulated autumn leaves from a tray of accent plants today and found this ficus leaf that had fallen between a couple of small pots. It is standard summer work to defoliate my ficus trees, so this little guy had probably been sitting in that spot in the moisture tray since July or August. It rooted from the petiole of a single leaf! That’s bonkers!

I just can’t resist the urge to watch and see what happens next, so I put it in a little pot. What’s a guy to do?! The tree made me do it! Or, I guess in this case, the leaf made me do it.

My first time potting a leaf.

Now I have a chicken and egg question… Not which came first, but when does an egg become a chicken? Is this now a tree? Or is it still a leaf?

In the spirit of trying to quit, I will watch and see what happens and then find someone to give this to. It will come with a great story of survival and determination!