Updates 2020

So far this spring has been a roller coaster ride. Warm, then cool again, late rains, wind, chill, warm then cold. Leaves have come out on some things, and been slow on others, even of the same species. I have had some trident maples open leaves on half the tree and the other half’s buds are swollen but stopped when it got cold. I know it will all even out soon as the heat is ready to swoop in and begin the real Spring soon. The three large layers I took off almost two months ago are beginning to open now. The third one had the most roots of the three and seems to have opened much larger. The elm is opening but seems to be sputtering in the cold. I need heat right now for root growth and building new roots to help keep it alive till it is running on it’s own.

The little beauty berry that I bought seems to be leafing out well. I will begin to wire some in a month or so as I get more extension.

This maple underwent some massive surgery 6 weeks ago by removing a branch and cutting it way back. I did some carving on the trunk and wired out the small shoots before the leaves. It seems to be pushing well in spite of the weather.

Three new pines entered the fold. These come by way of Ed Clark. They are all Shohin size and are to be developed over the next five years. I already have one I got five years ago and so these are numbered II, III, IV.




This pomegranate is also a recent addition

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