Today I did a thing. I traded one large tree for one small tree. It may sound dumb, and looking at pictures it may just be dumb, but in the winter smaller trees are just easier to deal with. Less foliage means less lighting needed.

This is a tree I recently received, but realized was too big for me:

It’s a gorgeous microcarpa, but in order to fit it inside under lights it’d have to be reduced by a lot. I also don’t feel I have the styling knowledge necessary to take it to the next level.

So today I visited a friend who owns a 700 acre farm down the road from me. He’s bought all my trees off of me over the past year or so, and he was willing to trade this guy. What did I trade for? A tree he had bought from me that I regretted selling to him a while back. This Shohin Willow Leaf:

It’s not in the best health right now because he’s had it indoors since he bought it from me, but I’ve got it outdoors where it should bounce back nicely. This is a fantastic little Shohin with a great future and I have missed it dearly.

It will also be much easier to handle indoors under lights. Stay tuned.